Guy Grabowsky plays with the surface of materiality. By employing light, paint and scratches as markers in the image-making process, photography is not so much a means of pictorialising a moment, yet more so an experiential and ambiguous encounter. The field pushes and pulls simultaneously, allowing the viewer to manifest what they will. Lightness and darkness are the means through which photographic imaging occurs—an eddying prismatic lens of control and intent versus chance and incident. This is an alchemic gesture: a layering of process through a scope of filters until a “golden state” is achieved—both physically and psychically. (Written by Jake Treacy) 

Guy Grabowsky is a Melbourne-based artist working predominantly in photography. Guy graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2017 and BA Fine Art Honours in 2018. Guy has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions throughout Melbourne and has been a recipient of a number of prizes, including the Fiona Myer, Mount Buller Residency and Plumm Wine Glass awards. Selected exhibitions include: Beyond the Veil - Blindside Gallery, Untitled Spaces - Kings Artist-Run, "Yet Another Image" - Bus Projects, Nine - Red Gallery, Transit - Seventh Gallery, past/present - Trocadero Art Space, Majlis Travelling Scholarship - Margaret Lawrence Gallery. Guy’s work is held in numerous private collections in Australia.

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